Environment, Geography

Tsunami – Killer Waves

The word tsunami comes from the Japanese : tsu means harbour and nami waves. A tsunami is a series of ocean waves that can travel over hundreds of kilometres at a very high speed.

Biology, Environment

Endangered Species

Some animals and plants in our world are very common, like houseflies, cats or daisies. They are not in danger of dying out. Other species are very rare. Sometimes only a few of them are left. Such species may disappear forever.

Environment, Geography

Weather and Climate

Weather is the state of the atmosphere in a certain place at a certain time.
Climate refers to the weather conditions in a certain area over a longer period of time.

Environment, Geography


Antarctica is the continent around the earth’s South Pole. It is covered with thick sheets of ice the whole year round.



Whales have been hunted for their meat and oil for centuries. In the 18th and 19th century, whaling became an industry. As time went on, whaling fleets caught more whales than the animals could reproduce.

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