Weather forecasting

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Meteorologist at work

Scientists who study the weather and climate are called . They try to the weather for a shorter and longer period of time by gathering information from all sorts of instruments.

Most of the is gathered by weather satellites from around the world. This information is entered into computers which produce weather for the future.

There are thousands of weather on all continents that monitor the weather worldwide. They use many various instruments to measure the condition of the atmosphere. A thermometer, for example, measures the air temperature, a measures the weight of the air and a hygrometer shows how much is in the atmosphere.

Weather stations use to track the paths of storms or hurricanes.

Specially equipped are sent into higher regions of the atmosphere to changes in temperature, winds and other elements. The information is transmitted back to earth.

Weather forecasts are not always , partly because humans make mistakes when they enter data, partly because the condition of the atmosphere always changes and is .