London - Capital of The UK


As Europe's London has two big international airports. Heathrow, in the western part of the city, is the main airport for international flights. Gatwick, halfway between London and the southern was opened in 1958 in an to get some of Heathrow's away from the city. Stansted, in the north of London, regional flights and flights of . London's new City Airport is only 15 minutes from the city centre and is used by business travelers.

terminal at London's Heathrow airport'

There is probably no other city in the world that has such a system than London. The Tube, London's underground railway, is the oldest in the world. The red double-decker buses are well-known around the and a symbol of inner city transportation. All together, about 5 million people use London's public transport every day.

London has 6 railway stations that handle over 1.5 million who travel in and out of the city every day. Fast trains from Paris and Brussels arrive in London daily through the Channel Tunnel.

London's famous double decker buses

London Underground station